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  • Low price. One of the cheapest Amazon plugins available! Compared to the competition, we cost 50% less for comparable features!
  • Frequent updates. We offer frequent updates to our affiliate software without charging an arm and a leg for access.
  • Create custom templates. Create affiliate ads exactly how you want them to look. Using a mixture of shortcodes and HTML, you can customize your ad's colors, layout, and font. Create custom text in your ads to have them say exactly what you want them to say.
  • Built-in popular templates. If you don't have experience with HTML, use our built-in no hassle templates. If there's a template you want but don't know how to make it, email us and we can design it for you!
  • 14 day free trial. Try out our Wordpress plugin for free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Wordpress Plugin for Amazon

Make money online as an Amazon Affiliate

The Crazy Good Tools Amazon Wordpress Plugin lets you create fantastic in-post Amazon ads that make you money! Using built-in and custom templates, you can create product image ads, reviews, and more all of which generate you money!

The Amazon product links you can create with this plugin add to your site, make your site look more professional, and engage your readers. You can easily add product images and even galleries of images to your posts which will impress even the pickiest of internet readers.

This is the first official release of the plugin which introduces the ability to rank products with a 5 star rating, add galleries of images, and show up-to-date product prices to your website.

Example website using the Wordpress plugin

The Wordpress Plugin Help Site

Create Amazon Product Reviews on your Wordpress Site

Easily create your own top ten lists or whatever you can imagine using the easy to use [rating] shortcode.

Ratings help you show your readers which products are the best, which in turn builds your credibility and generates more sales!

Easily Find and Manage the Amazon Products in your Wordpress Posts

You can easily modify and add products using our simple interface. If you hate the complex interfaces of other Amazon Wordpress plugins you'll love Crazy Good Tools!

Use Image Galleries

See example of it in action on an actual Wordpress website!

Use image galleries through the [gallery] short code to create awesome displays of imagery!